5G -54T - Belt Drive Transmission kit & HD Axle Wheel for 79cc Predator

5G-54T Transmission & HD axle wheel combo.

This is the Predator Pro-Shop kit that includes everything except the 79cc engine to do a top notch professional job.   

To see complete component details check out all the salient features in the 5G transmission adds and the HD Axle wheel details in the Bike Frame section. 

 INCLUDED:  This add includes the 5G-54T / 9T/10T transmission and total installation kit.  Driven Pulley has 54T belt groves around the circumference. 

INCLUDED:  This add includes the HD Axle wheel for your  choice.    Choose a 135mm dropout wheel for single speed or 150mm for multi speed.   Denote your wheel choice with a note to seller at check out.  Denote 135mm or 150mm.

 NOTE:  ITEMS NOT INCLUDED due to so many variations:   Left side Engine Drive Chain Sprocket,  /  Right side single speed 1.375-24 screw on freewheel pedal sprocket or multi-speed Freewheel cluster /  Optional 5 hole Freewheel sprocket hub  / Disc Brake rotor  

Email me if you have questions not answered in our web site.   

Basic 5G Transmission Installation instructions are found on the info. side of www.grubeeinc.com