HuaSheng 53cc engine with a 4G1A Trans Kit and HD axel wheel, FREE SHIPPING

Here's a One Price, 4 Products, Free Shipping, and a One Click Deal that does it all and gives you all of Gru-Bee Pro-Shop 4 stroke components!   

  • Genuine 53cc HuaSheng Special ordered 4 stroke engine with no governor that can easily rev to 7000 rpm.  It's the Lamborghini in the field of small displacement 4 stroke bicycle engines.  Check out all the features at the engine only add.  

  • Next comes our famous 4G 1A T-Belt drive transmission that comes with 2 slide sprockets, 9T & 10T.   Check out all the features at the 4G1A transmission only add. 

  • Next comes a complete installation kit with a dragon decal 2.5L tear drop  gas tank,  a slide adjustable engine bracket, throttle / cable and wide pedal kit.  Check all the features at the I-Kit only add. 

  • "Lastly" but not "Leastly" comes our famous HD Axle pre-laced in a beautiful 26" double wall aluminum wheel rim set up for either V brakes or disc brakes.   The pro Shop set up that avoids the cheap rag clamp to spokes set up and gives a quick drop in with secure sprocket alignment on dual row ball bearings.  Check out all the features at the Wheel only adds.   

  • At check out denote which wheel you want, 135 single speed or 150 multi speed.