CLOSE OUT SALE: 49cc engine and installation kit

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Hey! Good Deal Lucille

  • We bought these Woodpecker 49cc 4 stroke engine kits from a widow of a motorized bike shop in Alabama that went out of business when the owner passed away.   

  • The big savings is the Price you would currently pay the factory in China for a black gas tank 49cc engine kit as advertised in   Our close out kits have chrome gas tanks!

  • You do not need to pay freight from China nor the required 25% USA tariff.   UPS Shipping is 31 lbs. from Oklahoma.    We only have A FEW KITS LEFT IN STOCK.  

  • The boxes may look a little ragged from being transported from Alabama to Oklahoma after bouncing around in a U-Haul trailer but suffered no product physical damage that we know of.  These kits have been in storage since 2021.  What you get is what you buy.   IF THE ORIGINAL BOX HAS TO MUCH DAMAGED, WE WILL REBOX. 

  • It is common knowledge that Woodpecker did not buy these engines from the original Huasheng factory thus they are not EPA Certified nor in fact are any of the other fake cloned HuaSheng engines sold on Amazon and eBay.   

  • If you see no EPA sticker and no Huasheng ID decal on the engine you are buying a copy clone.    However, these engines seem to run OK.   

  • The output drive is a 11T sprocket that has an integral freewheel so you can pedal your bike with engine off. 

  • Sorry, We don't know where in China these engines were made.  

  • Engine comes with chain drive transmission preinstalled so need not worry about the fitting. 

  • Included is the complete installation kit to install on a suitable V frame bike.   see pic. 

  • The power rating is same as 142F OEM Huasheng engines but have no way to prove it.  1.5HP @ 6800 RPM

  • Gas tanks are all beautifully chrome plated but with any China made gas tank it is best to apply a tank sealer coating to insure against any leaks.    Tank sealer is readily available from eBay.   

  • Since we were not at the Woodpecker factory to inspect production of these kits, you may find the need to do minor filing or custom fitting to complete the installation. 

  • Shipping by UPS only, cannot send to a PO box;