70cc Mannarelli SkyHawk by Don Butler

Grubee Inc

Available for pre-order

Here's a hand built "Go-Sickem" custom built 70cc Minarelli Cylinder SkyHawk engine made by the world-famous Don Butler's Speed Shop in Chickasha OK.   

 Here's what he does to deserve the bargain price he charges which includes free priority USA shipping > 22-dollar valve!

Step 1.  Don buys our SkyHawk Gt5A-Es engine.    $159.95   Check out all the salient features of this engine under the SkyHawk Gt5A-ES engine add.   You can add in a shim kit if you are mounting directly to a downtube that assures a custom tight fit.  

Step 2.  Completely disassembles the engine, checks and balances the CRANKSHAFT ASSY.    

Step 3.  Buys an overseas Italian sourced Minarelli 70cc cylinder and piston kit complete with OEM intake and reed valve.    I'm guessing this alone cost nearly $250 with shipping from Italy.

Step 4.  Buys a Dorsey CNC billet cut cylinder spacer.   I'm guessing this cost maybe $50.

Step 5.  Does a porting job on the Minarelli 47mm bore cylinder and checks the squish to assure 0.08 to 0.09mm.   A good porting operation is what makes this engine run like a scared deer!   So, what's this one-hour of "Know How" labor worth?   Go figure. 

Step 6.  Re-assembles the Gt5A-Es engine with new 2 stroke engine bearings and seals of his choice.  Note:  (The 6202-1RS Crank Bearings are installed with their rubber seals on the crankcase outboard side and have open balls on inboard side for lubrication.   Ball Bearing seals on the outboard side aids in keeping crankcase pressure from leaking which is one of the major problems with all China doll engines. )   So, What's this 2 or 3 hrs. of "Know How" labor worth?  Small engine shops here charge $75 per hour.  

7.  Don installs a new PZ-20 Keihin carburetor and does a live run bench test where-by adjusting air fuel mix and clutch.    What's this "Know How" labor and carb worth?     

8.   Added it all up, the hard work is all done for you.  

This little spaghetti grinder is ready for your drop in frame installation.  100% Guaranteed to run out of the box.  

NOTE:  By using our OCDT assures you can electric start this puppy instead of doing a heart attack pedal start.   Go for it!     

If you need a shim kit or an installation kit for this engine that includes: a gas tank, sprocket, cables, throttle, clutch lever, etc. we sell an I-kit separately here in. 

Our HD axle wheel would give you a Pro-Shop installation.  Check it all out.