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Here's almost the real deal;  

 Close  Out "Woodpecker"s Thunder Thud 1".  

  1.    Cylinder Reed valve induction.   

  2.    6cc displacement CNC cut Billet Aluminum head. 

  3.   NGK BPR7 spark plug.

  4.   Special jetted Mikuni knockoff Racing carb. with Cone Air cleaner.

  5.   Factory adjusted clutch for thumb turn drive sprockets when lever is pushed in. 

  6.   Suggest using a Plenum Expansion Chamber exhaust system for maximum benefit.

  7.   To get additional maximum power suggest porting the cylinder and reducing the weight of the piston but must be done by a qualified engine technician.  

  8.   A special thin copper head gasket is included in the box for customer installation if desired. 

  9.  Limited availability;  We only ordered a few for US market.

  10.   Engine Long block only;  Not available in a total kit. 

  11. Only Sold to qualifying customers with proper mechanical abilities.

  12. No extended warranty on racing engines.