WOODPECKER Racing Engine: ------- 69cc Boss Thunder Thud

Grubee Inc


Sorry, this item is out of stock

Here's the 69 real deal;  Now long Gone and no more this year!

  "Woodpecker mfg. "Boss Thunder Thud 69cc".   

We accidently found several of these engines left in our warehouse stock.     No more will be ordered due to export uncertainties going on in China right now.

  1.    Piston port Dio-Reed valve induction.  

  2.    Late style 6 pin knock out 47x40 B & S Cylinder.

  3.    Aluminum Billet CNC cut head is a copy of the famous Fred head and has a 6cc displacement combustion chamber with copper gasket.   

  4. A Fred head has 3 bottom cooling fins and the WP knockoff has 2 fins which is still far better than the cast China doll stock head.

  5.   3Pt. side electrode Special 2 cycle engine spark plug and copper gasket is included.  ( NGK plug does not fit the CDI red wire terminal due to not being able to remove the spark plug terminal cap. )

  6.   TZ Red wire high performance CDI included.

  7.   Special jetted Mikuni knockoff PZ16 Racing Carb. with Cone Air cleaner.

  8.   Factory adjusted clutch gives a thumb turn drive sprocket capability when clutch lever is pushed in. 

  9.   Suggest using a Plenum Expansion Chamber exhaust system for maximum HP benefit.

  10.   To get additional maximum power suggest porting and polishing the cylinder and use a window port piston.  Cylinder porting and crankshaft fine balancing needs to be done by a qualified 2 stroke engine technician.  

  11.   A special thin copper head gasket is included in the box for customer installation if desired. 

  12.  Limited availability;  We only ordered a few of these puppies for US market.    

  13.   Engine Long block and Carb only;  Not available in a one price total kit.   Installation kits sold separately or you can order piece meal. 

  14.   Sold to qualifying customers with 2 stroke engine high output operational knowledge.

  15.   Sorry, there is No extended warranty on racing engines.