Bakelite > wire terminal cap

Grubee Inc


The CDI spark plug wire terminal is easy to remove and replace.

This is the old style hard plastic Bakelite terminal cap that some say is better than soft caps.    We are not sure we 100% agree but we do offer this hard body version to those who must have it on their CDI's.    Fits on the spark plug's terminal post threaded end so you have to remove the threaded brass nut.  

This cap Wt. is only 1 oz. so better order more stuff to use up the Shopify's 10 dollar shipping fee. 

Order more parts as long as they can all fit into a single USPS Small Priority Mail Flat Rate cardboard box.    Don't know?? then write for confirmation before ordering.    Inside box size is approx. 8" x 5" x 1.5".