COMET TAV2-30 CVT ---------made in USA

Grubee Inc


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1 only:   Designed by Comet for use on Go-Carts, not for bicycles. 

Here's a genuine Comet TAV2-30 CVT "Torq-A-Verter" made in Richman Indiana USA.    Hummmm! Maybe they can't spell Torque Converter! 

NOS;  New old stock;  Bought 10 years ago;  Brand new never used.   Has been on my garage shelf all that time due to a cancellation of a project build.    

New cost today is $190.00 plus shipping.  Believe it or not I paid more than that 10 year's ago!     Knock offs from China are less than a 100 bucks but when it comes to lasting quality you get what you pay for.  BUY USA.    

Color Code:  Original Comet has a Green spring and you guessed it! China Knock offs use a Red spring.     


  • Usage:   up to 8HP engines with 3/4" dia. output shaft. 

  • Examples of engine fit;    212cc Harbor Freight Predator

  • Mounting plate has multi hole pattern for different engine mountings.   You will have to ask COMET customer service what engines this CVT will fit.   I'm reasonably sure it will fit some Briggs and Stratton and Kohler engines.

  • Drive belt:  3/4" wide asymmetrical type.

  • Drive Clutch:   Bore size:  3/4" ( 3/16 key, 1" (1/4" key

  • Drive clutch engagement:  2200 rpm 

  • Driven pulley dia:   6"

  • Sprocket:  10T - 40/41P

  • Missing mounting hardware but easily obtained at local hardware store.

  • Not in original box.

  • Installation and parts manual included:   yes