SkyHawk 66cc Gt5A-ES - Pedal & Electric Start w/ OCDT = FREE SHIPPING

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FREE SHIPPING:   New 2018 stock!

Notice that our web site pricing here-in is cheaper than our adds on eBay;

Gt5A-ES > 66cc Easy Start Engine with TZ High Performance Rotor and TZ CDI; 

  • CCW threaded crankshaft is the secret that allows electric drill starting with a OCDT.    OCDT sold separately for $39.95.

No Bicycle installation parts are included.   However; we do include a TZ CDI module that must be used with a TZ High Performance Rotor like found in this engine.   By including the correct CDI the engine is assured to start.  

 Most sellers have no clue that there are major differences in CDI Ignition from China.  There are 2 different suppliers    TZ & SD    To know the difference go to our info, side of our web site and click SkyHawk 2 cycle then go to #7..   

See the info side of our web site for more pictures and details. 

Save $30 over buying separately.

  • Considered one of the most powerful 66cc 2 stroke bicycle engines on the market.. 
  • Dual Start:  Pedal start or hand held Electric Drill start:  Can start either way.   
  • Dual Start:  Can pedal start or can use a 20V Cordless 1/2" drill,   CCW threaded crankshaft allows drill starting. 
  • These engines have TZ Rotors & TZ field coils so must use a TZ CDI. 
  • To ensure you have matched ignition we include a free high performance TZ red plug wire CDI module. 
  • OCDT is an attachment tool for a 1/2" drill that enables electric starting. 
  • A 20V Cordless drill with OCDT can spin the engine so fast it starts instantly while setting on a wheel stand! 
  • OCDT means, "Overrunning Clutch Drive Tool" and is a separate order extra cost item.   
  • OCDT works like a starter drive in a car starter.. 
  • OCDT with drill allows checking mag coil output.  22V AC at 500 RPM  
  • No need to have an expensive and heavy, bulky engine with battery and a ton of headaches with broken pull ropes and busted starters. 
  • Light weight is the only way to go for a motorize bicycle!
  • Harbor Freight has lowest price for Cordless 18 to 20V 1/2" Drills.
  • Pedal Choppers in FL says Gt5A has 20% more power than brand X engines. 
  • Round exhaust port to fit round exhaust pipe for free flow scavenging.
  • Big intake port has 40mm stud spacing.  
  • ArBeo / Dellorto Carburetors with #58 Jet work great with this engine but you must be able to correctly install a throttle cable to enable using said carb.     
  • New crankcase and new cylinder design for improved power efficiency.   Note where the magneto wires come out down low. 
  • Fits up to 53mm dia. Bicycle down tubes.   Ideal for Aluminum frames.
  • This Gt5A-ES engine zipper fits our Gt2A aluminum frame w/ built in gas tank as well as some other V frame bikes..
  • Front mounting studs are M8 not the smaller M6 studs found on some cheap brand X engines.
  • This add is for a Long Block ES Engine / OCDT and CDI; 
  • Supplied without Gas tank, Carb, or Muffler which are included in a SkyHawk Installation kit sold seperately, 
  • Installation kit is Sold separately. 
  • Use your existing parts or select new parts from our offerings here-in.  
  • OCDT Electric Drill start sure helps SICK BIKE PARTS multi shift kit work without laborious pedaling to start the engine hence a value enhancement of "Hand Held Electric Drill Start". 
  • Bicycle, and Cordless drill shown in pictures are not included with this engine.