Minarelli 70cc vertical cylinder Expansion Chamber Exhaust Belly Pipe.

Grubee Inc


This is the RMH Performance Expansion Chamber Belly Pipe made to fit the Minarelli and Athena 70cc Vertical Cylinders riding on a China Doll 2 stroke crankcase. 

This EXC pipe is by far the best speed accoutrement for Don Butler's custom built Minarelli 70cc High-Performance engine listed here-in on this web page.   

When building a high-end performance machine don't go cheap-ass with a junk-ass muffler.  

This pipe fits the cylinder with the big square Intake opening on the opposite side of the exhaust port.   

In Oklahoma we call this pipe the "Armadillo Pipe".   Elsewhere it's called the "BEE-BOY 65 PIPE"

A very noticeable extra power boost is produced in the upper RPM ranges.    Hence the term, "Power up and Get on the Pipe".  

This pipe is completely handcrafted in America from  #304 Stainless Steel sporting a beautiful copper tone finish. 

This Armadillo pipe fits perfectly on engines mounted with cnc front engine mounts.  It can be used on either "Felt Faker" style tank frames or other style built in tank frames. 

As with any aftermarket pipe, you MUST mount this pipe with a hanger bracket to avoid damage. Hanger bracket is not included, field modify as required. 

FYI:  Later on Q1 2023 we will have a pipe like this one for the Minarelli 70cc JOG cylinder.  We're developing a SuperDupper Reed Valve Crankcase for the JOG at this time.