Comanche Ken Hinson 75cc Ms440 HP SAW racing engine

Grubee Inc


During our recent MB Rally we met a fellow named Mr. Ken Hinson from Comanche OK. 

Ken operates Scuttle Bucket Engines full time and he definitely knows how to make a 2 stroke scream and pull to the house!   

Ken's business is making USA assembled and tested 2 stroke High Performance bicycle engines. 

Instead of using aluminum cylinders with iron sleeves or one with Chrome plated ID coating he goes one better by fitting a special aluminum Nikasil 13,000 rpm Chain Saw integral cylinder on top of a custom assembled YD engine bottom 1/2.   

  • Yes, his engines are expensive but worth every penny if you want confirmed Hi Rev Horsepower.     

  • 75cc with 50x38 high rev displacement with a Nikasil coated cylinder. 

  • Note:  Contrary to Chinese advertising a 38mm short stroke is actually better for Hi Rev capability than a 40mm stroke.

  • Ken assembles all his engines from separate piece parts.     

  • His engine clutch is custom made heavy duty with 3 colorful springs that do not slip under load.   

  • He orders engine bottom 1/2 totally unassembled less bearings and does all the final machining, assembly and fitting himself.  

  • Ken uses the combo piston/conn rod weight and flywheel metal displacement calculation method to balance the crank for a more smoother operation.  

  • NOTE: Cheap needle bearings are the weak link when hopping up a standard China doll engine.   Therefore, Ken uses US supplied high quality needle bearings and crank ball bearings for long life enhancement.   

  • He ports and polishes the cylinder for max. efficiency.

  • Our Job:  We use our Shopify platform as a sales venue for Ken to distribute his engines.   We drop ship your order direct from his little factory over in Comanche OK.     

  • Ken can tell you where to buy the best carburetor to use for your intended application.   He warranties his long blocks directly with you. 

  • After you place your order we will supply you with his contact information so you can communicate directly with Ken on any product issue, warranty or installation procedure.  

  • NOTE:  If you want your engine run tested on a bike frame Ken has an additional 1 hour extra charge that can be paid directly to his PayPal account.     Not included here-in.

  • Ken's machine shop is open Wednesday thru Saturday, Closed on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.   

  • Please understand that these engines are not for the weak hearted Sunday rider operating on a low key budget.   

  • You will need to purchase a carb and expansion chamber exhaust to complement this engine's robust power.