SOLD: RUSSIAN M-21 45cc engine kit & Service Parts

Grubee Inc


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This Mig 21 Russian ENGINE KIT AND SERVICE PARTS have been sold and delivered to a proud owner in MICHIGAN.   Don Bovitz  32013 Cheboygan Ct.  Westland, MI.  48186

In 2003 about 100 to 150 Russian made 45cc bicycle engines were imported into the USA.  Since that time service parts for these engines have dried up and totally vanished.  

The Mig 21 Russian engine has crankcase induction carburation into a rotating crankshaft creating much like a rotary valve.   A very unique design. 

The Russian engine was the catalysis that caused the Chinese to design one of their own.    We were lucky to find OEM inventory in HarBin China back in 2003.

Our USA GruBee warehouse in Durant OK had original parts in Stock for these engines.   Consisting of:  carburetors / points / coils / etc.  We also had one original M-21 Russian engine kit new in the box.