Don Butler Custom SkyHawk 70cc Minarelli engine

Grubee Inc


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Here's the latest High Reving Engine RAGE Custom made by the Don Butler Speed Shop in Chickasha OK.

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First of all it's a SkyHawk YuanDong Bottom half with a Minarelli 70cc vertical top end assembled by the old Pro. Mr. Don Butler.  

NOTE:  The SkyHawk engine was made in 2016 before the Pandemic quality crash.  We send the standard ES SkyHawk engine over to Don's Butlers Custom Speed Shop in Chickasha for his complete teardown and his rebuild Midas touch.   


1.  Head bolts are M8, not M6.  All the fasteners are min. 8.8 hardness.   

2.  Don does a 10-hole crank balance job and does a shimmed alignment installation,

3.  Port times and polishes the Minarelli cylinder transfer ports.  

4.  Installs a special made Minarelli cylinder spacer.

5.   Reinstalls Minarelli cylinder with a Woodpecker HP chrome high compression head.   

The squish band solder squeeze is measured at 1mm to 1.1mm.  Perfect for a Minarelli high rev engine when experiencing the coefficient of lineal expansion due to exhaust heat.   

The CNC manifold bracket accepts a flange mount VM20 Mikuni or the PZ20 Carb.

FYI:  Our new shipment of OCDT's for handheld Cordless 1/2" drill start ARE NOW IN STOCK.  Now you can have SkyHawks that can be both Pedal started and electric drill started. 

FYI:  The China cylinder factory ID marks both their 49cc and 70cc Minarelli cylinders as 49cc, so I'm guessing for the benefit of those living in states where only 48cc/50cc is legal but most likely it's just a genuine old Chinese cost saving.    The cylinders we use are definitely 70cc 47x40 bore and stroke, guaranteed.     

FYI:  We will be offing the 70cc Minarelli vertical cylinder kits later on when our new shipment arrives and yes, they will have 8M head bolts, not 6mm like what is on the market now and have a CNC 10mm spacer and a CNC manifold. 

NOTE:  This engine is for the experience small engine customer that knows not to attempt a 25-mile ride at full throttle from the get-go.  Slow break-in required.