SuperRat Iron Sleeve Cylinder Kit for 70cc Engine

Grubee Inc


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SOLD:  Last SuperRat Cylinder kit in stock.

Sorry!   The JaiLi SuperRat factory closed down therefore no more Super Rats will be forthcoming. 

The new IRON SLEEVE cylinder Kit for StarFire SuperRat 70cc 47x40 engines. 

  • Fit's 47x40 bore & stroke engines with low pin piston.  

  • Cylinder deck height is 70.5mm suitable for a 40mm stroke

  • To know high pin / low pin piston difference, go to the info. side of

Why is an Iron Piston Sleeve important?  

1.  Avoids poor quality chrome coating found in Chinese cylinders.                 

2.  Gives long life wear enhancement,

This kit includes. 

  1. Cylinder with iron sleeve. 

  2. Low pin Piston with wrist pin, needle bearing and clips.

  3. Head.

  4. 4 gaskets; head, bottom, exhaust & intake

  5. 4 head bolts

  6. 40mm Boss intake