Gt5A-ES Electric Start Engine

The only Cordless Drill starting and pedal start 2 stroke bike engine. New 2016 Product. Allows using an OverRunning Clutch Drive Tool with a cordless 20V battery power tool for instant engine starting as well as the retained conventional people pedal starting.     yes! 2 ways!!!   This new engine has all the latest exclusive Gru-Bee design features.     

  • Flipper cover Cordless drill / 1/2" impact start port on engine's right side
  • New improved cylinder exhaust scavenging give new found extra power.
  • Big 40mm stud spacing for Boss intake
  • Front engine mounting up to 43mm down tubes.
  • Rear mounting up to 32mm dia. seat tube.
  • OCDT is now available   See add listing here-n