Sales Policy


1. All products sold by Gru-Bee in USA carry a limited factory warranty to the original end user.    Warranty is not transferable to second owners expressed or implied:  

SHIPPING:    Orders received MONDAY thru THURSDAY are shipped out the same week as received.  Orders received on FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY are shipped out on the following MONDAY.     SHIPPING EXCEPTIONS can occur if family emergencies arise or acts of God occur including but not limited to:.  Shipping Strikes, Sickness, Power outage, Floods Tornados or acts of Civil War!.   Tracking numbers are supplied and sent by the carrier selected, USPS or UPS.

RETURNS:    All returns for refund must be approved first by email and may be subjected to a 25% restocking fee depending on the situation if determined to not be our fault.    We do not refund shipping charges. 

2  WARRANTY:  All Warranty items must be returned shipping prepaid for inspection and or repair.    GruBee is responsible for warranty determination and must inspect all returned parts to validate and confirm if truly a factory defect.   Normally; a picture is required first to show a defect and a printed copy included with the warranty claim form. 

5.  Warranty replacement parts for all but HuaSheng engines come from Gru-Bee’s existing inventory of service parts in the USA.  If a replacement item is out of stock all attempts will be made to locate said item in the States to satisfy the claim.   If not found customer must go on back order status until the required item arrives back in from China.

6.  Operation of products in ways contrary to their intended use is considered abuse and is not covered by factory warranty.   ie: Engines ran on gas with Ethanol or engines ran with improper oil mix.!

7.  It is the end user or customer’s responsibility to return the product for warranty service to the selling dealer or to the selling WD.   If the seller was a assigned dealer they must submit all warranty claims and parts to GruBee for approval and inspection.   Gru-Bee submits all of their approved claims to China GAS for factory consideration.   The GruBee holds warranty parts for disposition.

8SkyHawk 2 cycle Engine Kit warranty:  90 days from date of sale to the end user. Balance of engine kit components carry a 30 day limited warranty. ie;  tank, chain, sprocket, guard, controls, cables, idler, service parts or accessories, etc.   Only the defective part will be replaced or credited, not the complete engine, or kit.    

9.   Skyhawk 4 cycle engine installation kit warranty.        

4G Transmissions: 90 days from date of sale to end user and balance of engine kit products carry a 30 day limited warranty.  ie;  tank, chain, sprocket, guard, controls, cables, idler, service parts or accessories, etc.  Only the defective part will be replaced or credited, not the complete engine, or kit components.   

10. HuaSheng 4 cycle engines warranty;

  90 days from date of sale to end user:  The Instruction booklet included with the engine gives warranty details.

11. Riflescopes:

  1 year from date of sale.   Covers factory defects not customer abuse.   Scopes must be returned to Gru-Bee Durant OK for warranty consideration.

12.   Cartridge Carriers and Box Traps.   Point of sale warranty.

14.   Any of the above Warranties do not cover inability to install or operate. Mechanical aptitude and tools are required as so stated in sales and service literature.    See warranty disclaimer as described below. 15.  Missing parts claims must be submitted with-in 30 days from time of delivery to end user; 16.  All Shipping damage claims must go direct to carriers..  

17.  EXCEPTIONS and DISCLAIMERS not considered as warranty: 

(a.) Inability to install on bicycle;  (b.) customer neglect;  (c.) negligent installation;        (d.)  Failure to check all fasteners for tightness or related damage caused by end user;   (e.) Clutch adjustment and carburetor adjustment;   (f.)  Worn clutch pads due to over slipping;    (g.)  Blown head gaskets due to failure to keep head bolts tight;   (h.)  Plugged gas line filter;   (j.)  Spark plug wear;   (k.)  Engine failures caused by improper gas oil mix are not considered manufacture's warranty.  Using ethanol gas of more than 10% content.  Evidence is scored piston walls or seized pistons.  (l.) Damage done to property of others is not warranty.  (m.) Shipping damage;   (n.)  Use of NOS bottle boost power assist voids engine warranty.  Customer has a responsibility to read the instruction manual and operation guide.   Warranty is not transferable, impressed nor implied.

18.   All warranty claims to be submitted on a GruBee warranty claim form.  These forms are supplied by Gru-Bee via e-mail attachment.

19.   Gru-Bee Authorized engine and or kit dealers must have an engine service and repair shop.   This is needed to accomplish normal product service for end user customers and handle any necessary engine warranty repairs. 

20.   Statements given by selling dealers or individuals reporting on motorized bike internet forums contrary to the above policy are not applicable.

  21.   Shipping;    Once our products leave our possession and go into the hands of a commercial carrier such as USPS or UPS we are no longer responsible for insured delivery.   Failure to deliver or shipping damage is the responsibility of the carrier and all claims are to be with them.    If you wish to monetary insure your shipment please advise us before ordering and we can advise your options.    USPS and UPS both have extra cost insurance you can purchase via a separate PayPal invoice transaction.