#2 HD AXLE 26" rim wheel for single speed 110 to135mm frame drop out

#2 HD AXLE 26" WHEEL made for 110mm to 135mm mm dropout single speed bikes using a 2-stroke pedal start engines.   Order HD axle #2 sprocket separately.   

Heads up:  Our HD AXLE 6-hole sprockets are not the same as those sprockets made for disc brake hole patterns. 

WHEELS are shipped via UPS so cannot be delivered to a USPS PO Box #. 

NOTE:  (6) M6 10.9 grade bolts and flanged nuts are included if a sprocket is  ordered the same time as the Wheel.

An all-steel HD AXLE solid hub using M6 bolts means it is much stronger versus those made of cast aluminum and use M5 screws in a disc brake pattern.    ( see last Picture )

See 25 attached pictures and read all the descriptions here in to gain full HD AXLE  understanding.    

This 26" #2 HD AXLE wheel is made with 12 ga. spoke alignment for 110mm to 135mm wide frame dropouts.   

This Single Speed wheel is Not suitable for a Multi Speed bike frame. ( See our multi speed wheel add.)

This wheel can be used with all 2 stroke mid-frame bike engines such as our SkyHawk Gt5A-Es as well as with 4 stroke engines as long as the engine's transmission has a freewheel included such as is found in our 4G and 5G T belt drive transmissions. 

(Order extra cost 6-hole Chain sprocket separately. ) 

We have 6 hole, 36T to 56T sprockets available. 

NOTE:  This wheel is the same as the multi-speed wheel except the rim is spaced more inward to be in the center of a 110mm to 135mm drop out.  

HD Axle Wheels can work with Disc Brakeand / or can also be used with a Caliper Vee-Brakes due to having a CNC cut rim flat surface.   2 ways! 

#2 HD Axle wheels come with a steel 6 Hole CCW 36-1 screw on chain sprocket flanged hub and 1/4" tk. spacer lock ring. 

#1 HD axle wheels with a Freewheel Sprocket Flanged Hub are found in the 4 cycle engine section.   DO NOT ORDER A #1 HD AXLE WHEEL FOR A 2 STROKE ENGINE APPLICATION BECAUSE A FREEWHEEL HUB will not allow pedal engine starting 

NOTE:  CCW Sprocket Flanged Hub threads are required so the sprocket hub does not unscrew when under engine pulling power.   

Failure to follow good engineering installation procedure can damage the HD Axle if done incorrectly.  

3 Do Nots:   

#1.  Unless absolutely necessary, Do Not install a 6 hole Chain Sprocket on the inboard side of the sprocket hub flange. 

#2. Do not use 271 Red Loctite on Disc Brake Hub.   Blue 243 is OK.   

#3. Do not use Red 271 on any threads except where the Sprocket Flanged Hub will set on the HD Axle. 

Installation Sequence Guidance ;   

NOTE:  the 1/4" tk. spacer ring can be installed inboard or outboard depending on Sprocket Hub direction needed for chain alignment and any disc brake requirements.  Sequence below is for inboard placement as shown in third picture diagram and as is received.   The installer is the final judge and accepts primary contractor lability for safe and sound installation.  

#1A.  Jam the inboard spacer ring tight against the HD Axle shoulder.   

#2B.  Install your chosen 6 hole sprocket on outboard side of Flanged Hub.  Decide if sprocket teeth should be inward or teeth outward for chain clearance.   Use Blue 242 Loctite on the (6) M6 screws and torque as required. 

#3C.   Test install sprocket and Flanged Hub on loosely to check position and chain clearance.  Remove and make any needed corrections. 

Remember >  Measure twice and saw once.  Failure to install is not warrantable.

#4D.   When everything is decided then apply a little Red 271 LocTite around the axle threads where the Sprocket Flanged hub will set in it's final resting place.   This is do or die time!    

#5E.   Spin tight the Sprocket and Hub in CCW direction jammed tightly onto the inboard spacer ring and resting on top of the applied 271 LocTite. 

#6F.  Use # 2.5mm Allen wrench to tighten 3 set screws down deep into axle threads to create a permanent Sprocket Flanged Hub installation.  Once locked down it should never be removed again. 

#7G.  Install 35-1 Disc Brake Hub jammed tightly onto the sprocket hub.    Do not leave off even though a disc brake is not to be used.    Sprocket Hub Jammed 3 sides makes for a mean "mamajama"  

#8H.   Install Wheel in frame and install drive chains. 

#9J.   If to be used, installed disc brake rotor and calipers.   Make sure Rotor diameter and Drive sprockets give the necessary clearance for calipers. 

#10K.   Stand back and admire your work for 24 hrs. before riding to allow Loctite to set up.  

 HEADS UP Guidance: The motorized bike builder is the prime contractor and accepts all liability.  


  • 2-stroke engines require a permanent affixed Sprocket Flanged Hub. 4-stroke engines do not.

  • The disc brake hub must be used in all cases as it serves as a jam nut for the Sprocket Hub.

  • Be sure to install the drive sprocket on the outboard side of the sprocket hub flange or it cannot be removed in the future if installed for 2-stroke.   However, if using disc brakes, you may have to use the back side to enable proper caliper fit.  TBD.  Failure to install DBs is not a warrantable situation.

  • The ¼” wide spacer ring can be located on the inboard or outboard side of the hub depending on the required application. Tighten lock rings by tapping in notches with hammer & punch.

  • Decide if you want the sprocket teeth inboard convex or outboard concave. The wheel is shipped with M6 bolts loose and the sprocket teeth outward for the most chain / tire clearance.  Use 242 Blue Loctite.

  • NOTE: Failure to install the sprocket hub correctly can damage your axle when a 2-stroke engine clutch lever is released during pedal starting which creates a chain push back CW rotational force.

  • 2-stroke: When you have finalized all fit details then and only then do you install Red Loctite 271 on the HD axle threads where the sprocket hub is to be positioned. Do not apply Red 271 anywhere else.

  • 2-stroke & 4-stroke: Do not install the Sprocket Hub loosely, it must be jammed extra tight against either the spacer ring or the HD Axle hub shoulder with the disc brake hub serving as a final jam nut.

  • 2-stroke: Use a 5mm Hex Allen Wrench to turn the (3) M5 pointed set screws securely down deep into the HD axle threads.  Once the (3) M5 set screws are locked down, the Sprocket Hub set in Red Loctite and the Disc Brake Hub Jammed the Sprocket Hub then becomes permanently installed.

  • Good luck in your build and may God speed you safely.