SkyHawk 66cc Gt5A-ES ENGINE only.- plus GOODIES & Free Shipping

SkyHawk Gt5A-ES engine plus 4 goodies and FREE SHIPPING

 Includes:  OCDT:  $39.95 value 

 Includes:   HP TZ CDI red wire ignition:  $18.00 value

 Includes:  7 pcs front mount shim kit:   $12.95 valve 

 Includes:  Thin Copper head gasket: 

FREE SHIPPING:  to lower 48 States. $19.80 value. 

Notice that our Web site pricing is cheaper than our adds on eBay!  

SkyHawk Gt5A-ES > Easy Start Engine with TZ CDI Ignition and OCDT;     

Completely assembled and run tested;   

  • Pedal start or hand held Electric Drill start:   This engine starts either way.   CCW threaded crankshaft is the secret that allows drill starting via OCDT, ( over running clutch drive tool.).

  •  If electric drill starting you must use our OCDT or your drill head chuck will spin off when engine starts.. 

  • OCDT is included.  It's an extra cost item worth $39.95 + 

  • These are our latest batch of engines and have the more powerful TZ  magneto system as opposed to the old SD system. 

  • What's SD and TZ brands of ignition?  > go to info. side to find out all details.  

  • 66cc /  2.7HP  Most powerful 66cc 2 stroke China made stock engine;

  • Gt5A-ES fits more frames with it's 43mm diameter front mount that can be shimmed down to fit smaller dia. frame downtubes.   

  • A 7 pcs Shim package is now included N/C with all Skyhawk engines! 

  • Front mount has M8 studs.   

  • Rear mount can fit up to 32mm dia. seat posts.

  • Dual Start:  Can Pedal start normally or use 18 to 20V Cordless Drill 

  • Easy Start Cordless Drill starting with OCDT is an all new feature.   

  • OCDT is an extra cost attachment tool for a 1/2" drill that enables electric starting. 

  • A 20V Cordless drill with OCDT spins the engine so fast it starts instantly! 

  • OCDT means, "Overrunning Clutch Drive Tool" 

  • OCDT works like a starter drive in a car starter.. 


  • This engine can be started with a 20v Cordless Drill and OCDT as well as being able to be pedal started the normal way.   No need to have an expensive and heavy, bulky engine with battery and a ton of headaches with broken pull ropes and failed 12V Chinese starter motors. 

  • Light weight and quick start is the way to go!  

  • LED lithium battery powered handlebar head lights work just fine. 

  • Harbor Freight has lowest price for Cordless 20V 1/2" Drills.

  • Gt5A engine is the most powerful 66cc so called 80cc stock bicycle engine on the market.

  • Pedal Choppers in FL says Gt5A has 20% more power than brand X   TBD: 

  • Has Round exhaust port to fit round exhaust pipe for free flow scavenging.

  • New crankcase and new cylinder design for improved power output.

  • Fits up to 43mm dia. Bicycle down tubes.   Ideal for Aluminum frames.   Dual U Bolt front clamp is available at extra cost.  ( Order separately )

  • Consider ordering separately our HP head that works great with the thin copper gasket which enables higher compression for higher horsepower. 

  • Gt5A-ES fits our Gt2A aluminum frame w/ built in gas tank as well as other V frame bikes..

  • Has hardened 8mm dia. front mounting studs not the smaller 6mm dia. studs found on cheaper brand X engines.

  • This add is for a Long Block Engine only;  Supplied without Carb, or Muffler, but we do include a high performance TZ CDI with this engine so we are assured it matches the TZ high performance rotor.

  • Use your existing parts or select new installation parts from our listings.

  • Complete engine installation kit available under separate listing. 

  • This engine is ideal for worn out engine replacement or for making a custom DIY installation. 

  • You can use SICK BIKE PARTS multi shift kit but engine pedal starting can be laborious and strenuous hence the real deal value of electric drill start. 

  • Bicycle, and Cordless drill shown in pictures are not included with this long block engine. 

  •   If the engine you are installing is on a bike with a downtube smaller than 43mm dia. you will need to use 1mm thick half moon shims to reduce the mount opening to fit your downtube.   ( As of Nov. 15 a 7 pc Shim kit is included. )   New for 2020!!!!