70cc Minarelli Vertical Cylinder engine by the famous WoodPecker Factory.

GruBee Inc


Here's the real deal from WoodPecker.   

It's a Custom made Minarelli Vertical Cylinder 47x40 bore and stroke 70cc engine only.  Yes sir, It's supposed to run like a scared deer!  

See the Pecker Head logo on bottom of the cylinder.   

Last one in stock. No more this year.   

Don Butler gave his thumbs up on this puppy.  Says he likes it better than the Minarelli 50x40 version.  

Took WoodPecker 2 years to get this engine developed from drawings supplied from the USA.    

Instead of using a stock knock off Minarelli Cylinder he had one developed with his own logo to gain Chinese face recognition.    

Intake manifold tube is 19mm OD to fit a stock China doll BoFeng and NT Speed Carb.  

Ignition is the standard 3 wire TZ stock ignition.   

TZ HP CDI module is included with a single electrode spark plug.   

Packed in 2 heavy cardboard boxes for safe shipping by insured USPS Priority Flat Rate Mail.