85 Avenger > Plane Jane Muffler header pipe

GruBee Inc


85 Avenger Chrome HEADER PIPE WITH 1/2" NPT threaded end that accepts a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine muffler available at most Hardware stores like ACE and Tractor Supply.   

Header pipe only;  LAWN MOWER Muffler is NOT INCLUCDED.

52mm between flange holes center to center.  Fits 85 Avenger engine only. 

This Plane Jane set up is sturdier than the factory riveted heavy muffler that soon drops off the engine.   

If you want wild performance buy an expansion chamber exhaust from Wali at RMH.   To get by and just put-put down the road this puppy is for you.   If you want to wake the neighbors and not need a horn just unscrew the muffler.   

The Exact DB reduction the Plane Jane set up gives has not been measured as compared to the standard OEM Avenger Muff but it's on my list to do some day.