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 AVENGER 85 >2 cycle Engine Installation kit.  415 chain, / 36T dish chrome type 9 slotted hole and also 6-hole Disc brake holes. / Includes 50cm long SAE J-30 rubber hose fuel line and 2 clips.  / 2.5L Tank  / Throttle and new style clutch lever, / 2 cables and springs, / idler, / sprocket hardware, / chain guard, / gear puller, / Big tube Mt. / Chain guard / etc.


Shipped in a 16x16x7 heavy cardboard box. 

NOTE:  The YD Riveted heavy muffler for the Avenger 85 did not meet our approval.  It is way too heavy to be bouncing around on 2 studs and will soon fall apart.   

In leu of the YD riveted muff-muff, we offer a short header pipe with 1/2NPT to install a small Briggs and Stratton lawn mower muffler that will get you buy until you can buy the most perfect buy pricey Expansion Chamber pipe made by Wali at RMH. 

Likewise, we don't include the little BoFeng Carb that most customers end up throwing away and buying a higher performance carb available on eBay or Amazon.  ie:   VM18 or VM20 Mukuni.

NOTE:  the CDI module comes with the Avenger engine that we sell separately.

Please understand that our Avenger 85 I-Kits are reserved only for those who buy our AVENGER engines.