B-5 gear Kit for standard pedal start engines

Grubee Inc


Early models prior to 2018 SkyHawk B-5 KIT:  Use this output Gear kit for older style engines like the SkyHawk Gt5 and Gt5A as well as other competitor's engines both 66cc and 48cc that have right hand CW threads and made by YuanDong,   

The B-3 slot head screw has (CW) right hand threads ..  

If your engine has a slot head B-3 screw this is the gear kit to use.     

NOTE:  This is from the YuanDong factory who makes our SkyHawk engines so it may not fit exactly the same with other brand of engines, maybe will be noisy and maybe it will crack and break thus proving you should know what factory has made your engine. 

Includes Star Washer and Key.