Butt Stock Trapdoor Cartridge Carrier

Grubee Inc


Only One left in Stock. Gone! SOLD as of 3/25/2024.   New stock depends on new supplier. TBD.

With a trap door cartridge carrier your rifle can be loaded but not really loaded. 

Butt Stock Trap Door Cartridge carrier for (4) centerfire rifle cartridges.   Easily fits 30/06, .270, .308, .223 and similar size cartridges.   Belted magnums may require holes in the sill plate to be enlarged slightly. 

Beautifully made in mild steel by professional machinist.   

Powerful Spring Door latch means ultra securement. 

Sure, to please.   Shipped by USPS Priority Mail. 

Limited Supply:  When current supply is exhausted there will be no more!.     Too time consuming to make!  Skilled Labor in CNC shops cost $125 per hour. 

CNC machined from steel billet in the white ready for bluing or chrome plating.

Professional installation required.  Screws shown in picture are not included. 

Made exclusively for Gunsmiths and stock makers, designed by a Gunsmith and sold by me, a "wannabee".