Chrome HP head for 66cc / 80cc engine.

Grubee Inc


  • Just in:   

    Woody WoodPecker's High Performance / High Compression run cool engine head in Chrome finish.

  • Beautiful Chrome plated High Performance / High Compression head for Skyhawk 66cc Gt5A and GT5A-ES engines.  

  • Can fit any engine with 47mm dia. pistons and 8M head bolts. 

  • 6cc combustion pocket means high compression.

  • Extra cooling fins make for a cooler running engine.  

  • Comes with a .4 mm tk. copper thin head gasket for increased compression and power.  

  • Same HP Head as the brushed aluminum version but has Chrome plated finish.

  • This is one of the easiest 4 bolt upgrades you can do.