ARBEO SHA-15-15 High Performance Carburetor

GruBee Skyhawk


ARBEO SHA 15-15 Carburetor

Z Bee's Knees in a High Performance carburetor for 66cc to 70cc engines.  Do not use this carb with 48cc engines.   

Used by Pro Shop builders such as "Peddle Choppers" in Florida.    Not EPA certified:  This Carb has adjustment.  

This ARBEO carb is a clone of the famous Dellorto Italian carb.   Has Built in choke lever and the Air / Fuel ratio is Adjustable.   Jet size is specially calibrated for 66cc and 69cc engines.  

Yes; Does require some mechanical engine aptitude to install.   A standard kit throttle cable will most probably need to be modified.  Installation is not for the faint  hearted.  No instruction sheet is included.   You should know how a Carb works with cable control and how to adjust one through out the rpm ranges.   

If you want the best installation call Jim Wilson at Pedal Choppers ph#. 239 878 1870 and he will  explain what you need to do to have the best installation.   You can send him your ArBeo carb and throttle and he will install a cable for you and return;  He charges $29.00 for his service.