ARBEO SHA-15-15 High Performance Carburetor

GruBee Skyhawk


200 ArBeo's due to arrive in 2 weeks

ARBEO SHA 15-15 Carburetor

The Bee's Knees in a High Performance carburetor for 66cc to 70cc engines.  Do not use this carb with 48cc engines.  

Do not use this carb if you cannot make the necessary field modifications required.  See Installation picture.

Used by Pro Shop builders such as "Peddle Choppers" in Florida.    Not EPA certified:  This Carb has adjustment.  

This ARBEO carb is a clone of the famous Dellorto Italian carb.   Has Built in choke lever and the Air / Fuel ratio is Adjustable.   Jet size is specially calibrated for 66cc and 69cc engines.  

Turn air fuel mixture screw all the way in and then turn out 1-1/2 turns and then an additional 1/3 turn.    Fire the engine up and then fine tune adjust as required. 

Yes; Does require some mechanical engine aptitude to install.   A standard engine kit throttle cable will most probably need to be modified.  Installation is not for the faint  hearted.  No instruction sheet is included.  

You should know how a Carb works with cable control and how to adjust one through out the rpm ranges.   

If you want the best installation call Jim Wilson at Pedal Choppers ph#. 239 878 1870 and he will  explain what you need to do to have the best installation.   You can send him your ArBeo carb and throttle and he will install a cable for you and return;  He charges $29.00 for his service.