ARBEO SHA-15-15 High Performance Carburetor

GruBee Skyhawk


Unlike cheaper carb clones found on the internet that only have an idle adjustment our Arbeo carbs have 2 adjustment screws, one for idle and one for air / fuel mixture.   See Picture:     These are not EPA approved carburetors. 

The Bee's Knees in a reliable performance carburetor for 66cc to 70cc China Doll engines with 19mm OD intake tubes.   We guarantee it fits our SkyHawk engines.

ARBEO SHA 15-15 19mm Carburetor includes optional goose neck throttle cable kit allowing for 2 different ways to hook up your throttle cable.    

This carb is used by Pro Shop builders such as "Peddle Choppers" in Ft. Myers Florida.    

This Carb has air/fuel adjustments and a metal bowl unlike those cheaper versions with adjustment lockout and black plastic bowl as found on the pump and dump internet.  

This ARBEO carb is a clone of the famous Dellorto Italian carb.   Has built in auto choke lever that clicks off when throttle is cracked open, and the Air / Fuel ratio is Adjustable.     This carb works best with a paper cone air cleaner, not included, order separately.  

Jet size is factory calibrated for 66cc and 69cc engines so no need to experiment with different sizes to get it right.   Thanks go out to Jim Wilson at Pedal Choppers for doing the jet size research.  


Before installation be sure the float is setting parallel with the edge of the bowl.   Adjust by slightly pressing the float needle casing tube downward.  Make sure you attach the throttle cable as shown in attached picture.

After installation turn air fuel mixture screw all the way in and then turn out 1-1/2 turns.  Fire the engine up and then fine tune adjust with approx. 1/3 more turn outward depending on sea level altitude. 

Does require some mechanical aptitude to install and tune.   A standard engine kit throttle cable needs to be slightly modified.   No instruction sheet is included.  

You should know how a Carburetor works and how to adjust throughout the rpm ranges.