66cc / 69cc engine NT 14.95 SB carburetor

GruBee Skyhawk


 This is the standard old 14.95 NT carburetor first used on 66cc and 69cc engines back in 1990.  Not recommended for use on 48cc engines as it will have too much air fuel ratio for the smaller engine but can be used in a pinch.  

Our 66cc engine NT carbs have the bigger 14.95mm dia. slide barrel designed for 66cc to 70cc engines as opposed to the 14.5mm dia. slide barrels used for 48cc engines. . Most sellers don't know the difference. 

Our NT carbs also have an O ring seal for the intake tube abutment.    We do have some NT carbs with drain petcocks on the bowl but most NT's do not have any petcocks.   

If we are out of the round air cleaner carbs we will substitute with a rectangular shaped AC, which can be either red or black.

 Beware there are a lot of look a like NT carbs in the market with round black covers that have 14.5 dia. slide barrels and no O ring seals so you must know what you are buying from a trusted supplier.    

Sorry;  We don't stock 14.5 NT carbs Carbs made for 48cc engines due to no one wanting to ride legal 48cc anymore. .