Dual Mounting Blocks and Studs

GruBee Inc


Use this kit to move your 2-stroke engine forward enough to be able to attach your engine to the bike's downtube and clear carburetor's air cleaner from seat post.   

This method can avoid having to use a CNC mounting bracket or other means to attach the front part of your engine to the downtube. 

Must use when using our Seat Post Jackshaft kit installed on a MiCarGi Slugo 4" tire Bike. 

This kit consists of 2 Aluminum mounting blocks and (2) M8-125x110 studs.   It is advisable that one end of each M8 Studs be field re-threaded to have a thread length of approx. 40mm.

To make as one block apply masking tape across the half-moon opening on the bottom of the 2 mounting blocks and then fill the middle halfmoon with epoxy or JB Weld , thus having a one piece block.