2 Stroke Engine Installation kit for bicycle; No Engine -

GruBee Skyhawk


NOTICE:  Due to our low inventory of 2-stroke engine INSTALLATION KITS, we must at this time allocate selling our I-Kits to only those who buy 2-stroke Gt5A-ES engines from us. 

 Sorry, We will have to cancel all orders without a SkyHawk Gt5A-ES engine included in the order.

Shipments from China are so far behind we don't even know if we can replenish our stock this year or not.    China is in a mess these days. 

Everything needed to make a motorized bike except the engine long block and donor bicycle.   Includes the following components:

  1.  2.5L gas tank plated inside to help prevent rust includes brass shut off valve. 

  2.  Clamp to spokes 44T sprocket and installation kit.  

  3.  Twist Throttle with kill swt.                                       

  4.   Push button Clutch lever and cables.               

  5.   415 Chain with 126 links,                 

  6.   Chain Guard       

  7.   Ball bearing chain idler.                                 

  8.   CDI, ignition module                   

  9.   12A Chrome Muffler,       

  10.    Fuel line,                             

  11.   NT big 14.95 dia. barrel carburetor.

Boxed in heavy 5 ply cardboard box for safe shipping.