Clamp to spokes Chain sprocket alignment disc.

GruBee Skyhawk


Many bicycles from China, ( ie: KENT & Huffy mfg. bikes and others ) now have small 35.6 mm dia. axle hubs.  

All 44T, 48T and 56T chain wheel sprockets we sell all have 37.5 mm dia. holes and therefore they fit sloppy on Kent and Huffy hubs making it very difficult to get the sprocket centered for true alignment on these bicycles.   

This alignment disc is only 2mm thick and has a 35.62mm dia. center hole and therefore when bolted to the chain wheel sprocket will center it in the exact position on the hub that runs true circle.   Therefore making a professional sprocket installation.    

This is a new GruBee product as of 2018. 

Shipping wt. is 1 lb and our Shopify web site will charge you $10 shipping fee but you can add up to 5 lbs. extra items to get a free ride.  Just be sure to not go over 5 lbs so denoted at check out.