Grade #1 PECER Pipe

Grubee Inc


Grade 1.    New lower Price.  was $59.95

World Famous Pecer Pipe;    Pronounced "Pecker Pipe" 

New Shipment just arrived Nov 23, 2020;   

PECER PIPE Made by Woody Woodpecker;   

  • Mig welded and deluxe chrome plated.  

  • 40mm mounting flange hole spacing.

If this PECER Plenum Expansion Chamber Exhaust Racing pipe (pronounced PECKER pipe) is used with a ported cylinder. / HP heads, and a tuned ArBeo Carb you can expect a dyno registered power gain of approx. 1 full horsepower.   Even if you have a stock engine with no modifications you should notice some increase in the power band!    Dyno videos shown on "YouTube" seem to prove the point.

We shall call it like it is, ( PECER PIPE) Plenum Expansion Chamber Exhaust Racing Pipe made by WoodPecker in China for 66cc to 79cc 2 stroke engines.    Pronounced "Pecker Pipe"

It has a 1"x 5" support strap for engine clutch cover attach.  

Comes with an included exhaust gasket.  

Shipped out in a 14x14x14 box by Parcel Post Ground or UPS ground so allow for 4 to 8 days to receive.

    Manufactured at the World famous Woodpecker factory in China. 

    Woodie's pipe has a slant cut pipe end versus a straight cut YuanDong pipe end. 

    Fits our SkyHawk & SuperRat engines when installed in Gt2A frames with built in gas tank but of course will fit many other S curve downtube frames and engine.   Look at the pics closely to determine if it will fit your application.

    • Mounting flange will fit any China made 2 stroke bike engine.

    • This pipe has a High quality deluxe chrome finish.

    • Gives that eye catching Motocross appearance.

    • No need for a horn as folks will hear you coming!

      Heads up:  Please understand these exhaust pipes are loud and can get very hot so avoid leg touch by using protective legging.   Also please understand this exhaust pipe is not returnable if installed.