SkyHawk Gt5, Gt5A & Gt5A-ES 66cc Empty Cylinder

GruBee Skyhawk


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CYLINDER for 47mm bore x 38mm stroke engines. 

69.5mm deck height.   To use on a 40mm stroke engine add 1mm shim at the bottom side next to crankcase. 

2015 Latest design high performance cylinder with round exhaust port to match the muffler's exhaust pipe ID.  

Made especially for Skyhawk, Gt5, Gt5A and Gt5A-ES 66cc 47x38 bore and stroke engines with 69.5mm cylinder deck height.   See Pic. 

NOT FOR 69cc or 70CC engines with 70.5mm deck height. 

Intake port has 40mm stud spacing for Boss intake or Kick Ass bottle boost.   Exhaust port stud spacing is also 40mm.

We inspect each cylinder for defects before shipping.  

Cast Alum Cylinders with chrome plated ID's have a high rejection rate.  Out of 30 received we had only 9 good ones!