HD axle Model #1 with freewheel hub.

Grubee Inc


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:   If you have a 2-stroke engine or a 4-stroke engine hooked up to our 4G or 5G transmission with a built in Freewheel then you can use HD Axle #2 with a solid 6 hole sprocket hub.    See HD axle wheel.  

PRO-SHOP #1 HD Axle FREEWHEEL Kit for rope pull start engines on single speed bikes;    

  • Does away with clamping sprocket to spokes.

  • HD Axle has Dual Double Row sealed ball bearings for long life which are much better than the cheap bicycle bearings especially for folks who are going in speeds excess of 25 mph and want extended service life enhancement. with peace of mind safety.   

  • 5 hole Freewheel hub is included.   

  • If you are Not experienced in spoke lacing wheels?  Then consider ordering our HD Axle wheel complete. 

  • HD AXLE Centers sprocket concentricity exactly with axle.  No more wobbly sprockets that throw off your chain.   Runs as smooth as a baby's ass.   

Instruction and information reference on our web site.  www.grubeeinc.com 

Our HD axle gives you the ability to have 3 brakes on a 2 wheeled bike!!!   Disc brake on front, and V-caliper, and Disc Brakes on the rear wheel. 

Use the optional Disc Brake Rotor screw on hub to allow having Disc Brakes on the rear.   $12 extra 

This Kit does not come with the sprocket shown due to having Sprocket sizes from 36T to 56T so order your 5 hole sprocket of choice separately.  

For max speed order a 36T Sprocket, and for heavy set rider and for hill country order 56T. 

Heads up:   Cannot use an ordinary clamp to spokes 9 hole engine kit sprocket with this HD axle.  Must use our 5 hole hub sprockets.   

HD axles must be spoke laced by an experienced bicycle technician using specialized tools and expertise.     Instructions can be found on our info side of our grubeeinc.com web site.    To avoid this hassle order our HD AXLE wheel complete. 

We would love to have someone do a YOU TUBE real time installation video showing how to install and describe the features of a 3 brake system..  if interested pls. call me at 580 775 4496 or write to us.