MZ65 Plenum Expansion Chamber Exhaust

GruBee Skyhawk


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This MZ65 exhaust pipe with exhaust gasket.

When this last one is gone we won't have any more until mid March 2019.   

Adds 1 full horse power to the engine output curve.   Even if you have a stock engine you will notice an increase in power!

Go from stock 2.1 HP to 3.1HP  a 50% hp gain with a single modification!   Dyno videos shown on "YouTube" prove the point.

This MZ65 exhaust pipe is specially designed for 66cc to 69cc 2 stroke engines.  It has a support leg to engine for a 2 point attach.. 

If you want us to throw in a free exhaust gasket just say so on the message note at check out.

  • Have you ported and polished your cylinder? 
  • Do you have a CNC high compression head?
  • Have you balanced your crank with 3 holes? 
  • Have you modified your piston?
  • Have you installed a trick variable timing TCI ignition system?   Well of course not, no one has this yet but we are presently developing it to be the best high performance ignition for our 2 stroke Gt5A-ES engine.  
  • Have you installed a trick Dellorto ArBeo knock off carburetor?  or maybe a reed valve set up? 

Well sir:  If you have done all of the above trick stuff or just "WA2"  then this hot dog racing MZ65 Plenum Expansion Chamber Pipe is for you.   Even if you have a stock engine this exhaust system will help increase power.  

Adds mid range to high end extra horse power.  Same China factory, YuanDong, makes this pipe for both GruBee and for our competitors. 

   Manufactured at the YuanDong factory and designed especially to fit our SkyHawk Gt2A frames with built in gas tank but of course may fit many other frames as well.   

  • This pipe has a nice bright chrome finish. 
  • Gives that eye catching Motocross appearance.
  • No need for a horn as folks will hear you coming!

Heads up:  Please understand this exhaust pipe is loud and can get very hot so avoid leg touch by using protective legging.   Also understand this exhaust pipe is not returnable.  Determine first what this puppy will fit or does not fit before ordering.    Ask the motorized bike community forms if not sure.