NKG > B6HS Spark Plug Medium heat range

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B6HS > High Quality Spark Plug from Japan.   

Standard issue spark plug for the StarFire SuperRat 70 cc GT5-SR engine and also fits the SkyHawk Gt5 / Gt5A / GT5A-ES engines.

Famous NKG spark plug   p/n B6HS   Copper core  / Triple sealed.  / M14mm threads      0.028" electrode gap,  / Hex head 13/16"   Reach depth. 9.5mm /  Heat range # 6  Single electrode Long Life construction.    Does not have a removable cap terminal.

NOTE:  NKG BHHS Plug does not have a removeable screw top.   Therefore; cannot be used where a CDI plug wire terminal end requires the plug to have the threaded cap removed leaving only a threaded stud.   

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