CCW OCDT = Over-Running Clutch Drive Tool for Right side cranking>

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CCW OCDT > Right side drive

For SkyHawk GT5A-ES & Avenger 85 Engines 

"Over Running Clutch Drive Tool" for hand held 20V  1/2" cordless drill CCW engine cranking = Electric Starting!  


The CCW OCDT only works with our Skyhawk Gt5A-ES engine that has the M8-1 left hand thread bolt on the crankshaft beveled gear and requires counter-clockwise cranking.  

CCW OCDT OVERRUNS in the Clockwise direction as viewed from the Cordless Drill end and CRANKS in the Counter-clockwise direction. 

Uneducated Competitors say our Gt5A-ES engine is not electric start.   Nonsense!!!  In automotive applications a 12V Battery supplies DC electricity to a cranking motor ( "Starter" ) used to crank the engine for starting.    Said cranking motor has an overrunning clutch drive pinion.    When using a 20V cordless hand tool and our OCDT you have the exact same concept.  Battery, Motor and Over-Running Clutch Drive.  Hence ELECTRIC STARTING!  

Our new design OCDT will be available in 2 models, one for CCW direction and one for CW direction cranking.  Hence, Right side and left side engine cranking.   

For Gt5A-ES & SkyHawk Avenger 85 engines use a CCW OCDT with a M6 Hex socket bit for Right side engine cranking through the swing door hole to the bevel gear attach M6 Allen head M8-1 ccw left hand screw.  

For all other China Doll engines use a CW OCDT with a hex socket for Left side engine cranking off the magneto nut.  

The new design retains the one-way bearing concept but will be a needle one-way bearing instead of a ball bearing.   Needle bearings provide a higher lock torque spec than do ball bearings yet provide a very smooth transition to overrun when the engine starts. 

 NOTE:   It has been brought to our attention by knowledgeable engine builders that there are cheaply made in China hand ratchet adapters on the market but they will soon break when the engine lights off.   Maybe good for a 1/2 dozen cranks then throw in the trash bin.   A ratchet does not work the same as the smooth operation of one-way bearing. 

 OCDT is an "Over Running Clutch Drive Tool" for starting engines with a 20V 1/2" / 13mm cordless drill or can use a standard wall plug in 1/2" 110V AC drill.    20V 1/2" cordless Impact wrenches can also be used if they have been modified to eliminate the hammer affect.  

DO NOT USE A HAMMER DRILL or an Impact wrench unless they have been modified to eliminate the hammer affect. 

Why use an OCDT?    If using a drill with just a M6 Allen hex bit, you run the risk of damaging your drill not to mention possible self-injury.  

The OCDT ensures safe smooth start up when the engine fires up.  It does the same job as a starter drive in your car's 12V starter. 

The 10mm hex shank tool end allows using a M10 socket for use with Modified 1/2" Impact or chuck directly into a 20V Battery powered 1/2" chuck CORDLESS DRILL.  

DON'T USE AN IMPACH WRENCH AS THE JACKHAMMER AFFECT CAN WILL DAMAGE THE ONE-WAY BEARING LOCK MECHANISM.  Heads up:  However, if the jackhammer effect is eliminated by welding the 2 flappers inside the head so they cannot move it is perfectly alright to use a 1/2" drive impact wrench with a 10mm socket that is JB welded onto the 10mm hex shaft of the OCDT.   See pics.  The power and RPM of a Cordless Electric Impact 1/2 drive wrench exceeds that of the cordless drill and is actually my preferred starting method.   

Please understand that if you order the wrong OCDT version the return shipping both ways shall be paid for by the buyer.