Grubee Inc


  •  TAILGATE BIKE RACK:  Holds Front tire and rim.   

  • Maintains bike in upright position.

  • Attaches in minutes using a bungee strap for a no drilling attachment or you can attach to your tail gate with 2 sheet metal self-taping screws for a permanent installation.   

  • Bracket Holder adjust from 1" tires to 2.25" wide tires.  

  •  This Tailgate Bike Rack Kit consist of:

  • (2) 1/8" Steel 2.5"x2.5"x 20" Angle pieces 

  •  3/4"x 5.5"x 20" wood plate grooved for strap,

  •  1/4"-20x 1.5" Stainless Carriage bolts and nuts

  •   1" wide Ratchet strap.

  •  Secured by a 1 " wide ratchet hold down strap that wraps around tailgate.   Use ratchet tension to hold wood plate super tight against tailgate.    

  • A bungee cord is attached to your bike's front wheel axle then pulled tightly around the bracket stud then going on around the tire to the opposite stud and then stretched tightly back up to the wheel axle.   Bungee cord not included. 

  • Supply your own bungee cord as we don't kn ow what size wheel is on your bike.   Harbour Freight has a nice assortment cheaply priced. 

  • If the front wheel is held secure the bike will stand upright and not fall over. 

  • Once installed on your pickup tail gate and adjusted to snug fit your front wheel tire, all you have to do to secure the bike is stab the front wheel in the angle bracket and secure the bungee strap and off you go with your bike secured in the upright position.

  • Leaves your ball hitch free to pull a trailer.  

  • Check out the pictures in this add to fully understand installation and how it works.  

  • We make these brackets ourselves.   Having to transport motorized bikes in our truck to go to trade shows was the mother of the invention.