Premium Roller Wheel Throttle and Cable

Grubee Inc


Premium deluxe throttle and cable.  

New product for 2019.

Works best on 4 cycle engine carburetors.

  • Metal body with rubber grips. 

  • Throttle Cable rides on a roller wheel for a more smooth operation as compared to the standard 2 stroke throttle.     

  • Please Note;  Due to a 0.010" slightly larger diameter lead button on the carburetor end of the cable, this Premium throttle may have difficulty installing in two stroke engine carbs. that need a smaller cable button.  ( Beware, drill out modification may be required.)

  • This throttle does not have a kill switch.                 (individual Kill switches are Sold elsewhere )

  •   4 stroke engines come with their own kill switches so a son-of-a-kill switch is not needed.