Rope Pull Start ( New Design )

Grubee Inc


Rope Pull Start

  • 2018 New improved design by WoodPecker  

  • Note details in pictures with notations.

  • Sets in place of magneto cover on left side of engine.  

  • Fit engines with external CDI ignition only.

  • Easy to install.   

  • Google for internet videos on installation.


    • 1.  Allows engine starting without pedaling.   

    • 2.  Great for stationary engine tuning.  

    • 3.  Easy starting for SickBikeParts multi-speed. 

    • 4.  Allows 2 stroke bicycle engines to be on applications other than on bicycles. 


    • 1.  Cannot take abuse or will break easily.

    • 2.  Requires a wide pedal kit to allow usage on a bicycle.     

    • 3.  Will not work with SuperRat engines.