Seat Post Jackshaft Bracket for 4" Fat tire bike engine installation

Grubee Inc


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Made in USA   

First time offered:     

  • CNC Seat Post Jackshaft Bracket for 4" Fat Tire bike engine installation.   

  • USA Machine shop made.   Repeat  > NOT MADE IN CHINA.    Made in Oklahoma!

    Especially designed for Micargi Slugo 26" 4" tire bikes with 3" clearance between seat post and tire.   May fit other brand bikes but must have the 3" clearance.  Measure your bike before ordering.  NOTE:  4" tire Slugo Bikes can be ordered from us and yes  they do have the required 3" clearance. 

  • By using our CNC solid billet jackshaft bracket the 2-stroke engine remains in the middle frame position as would be with a standard 2"-inch tire bike thus giving best balance and professional look.   Problem solved!

  • Up until now the only way to have an engine on a 4" tire bike was to use a SickBikeParts jackshaft to the right-side pedal sprocket but now unfortunately SickBike parts is NA "out of business".  Problem Solved!

  • The basic operation of our GruBee  jackshaft bracket allows the engine drive chain to drive an inboard 10T sprocket and the outboard 10T sprocket allows chain clearance to go on past the 4" tire and drive the rear wheel.   Problem solved

  • The problem of how to tighten the engine chain to the inboard sprocket is solved by our Nonconcentric Cam Lock Bub, same idea as used in our 4G 4 cycle transmission.  Problem solved!

  • Along with the jackshaft bracket we we supply a CNC spacer block and longer M8 Studs that pushes the engine forward to the bike's front downtube attachment.  Problem solved!