SkyHawk Belt Dive kit for TEST purpose.

Grubee Inc


  • Belt drive kits should be here in 2 weeks. 

  • We are willing to sell at our landed cost 2 of these belt drive kits made by YuanDong just to get feedback reports as to how well they work and last.   

  • In my opinion, I think the 5M belt is undersized and will not last  due to having such a long travel span.   Also, there is no edge rim to keep the belt from sliding off the large wheel pulley.   Therefore they get my Junk rating. 

  • A 8M size belt would have been much better.      To be determined.   

  • Write and tell us if you would like to test this product and give us your feedback..  We think the idea is sound but maybe not engineered for long-life, form, fit and function.

  • Chinese don't believe in endurance testing before marketing so we are the guinea pigs.