Speed carb repair kit

GruBee Skyhawk


  • Complete overhaul kit for the Speed carburetor.
  • Same carb as found standard on Gt5A & Gt5A-ES 66cc engine kits.
  • Has 14.95 dia. barrel slide valve.   
  • Has Bowl petcock.
  • Has Fuel shut off valve.
  • Has all gaskets and small parts as shown in pic with Red cover.
  • Do not use this repair kit for NT Carbs. or EPA certified carbs with 14.5 dia. barrel slide valves.
  • Use only with carbs marked as "Speed"
  • Some Speed carb repair kits have black and some have red AC covers.
  • If you have a color preference let us know at check out notation. 
  • Shipping is $10 so add other small parts to not exceed 10lbs to get economical shipping all in one box.