Speed Carburetor

Grubee Inc


This carburetor has the 14.95 mm dia,. barrel slide valve made for 66cc to 70cc engines, hence the name Speed.   It is the same one we supply in our Gt5A-ES installation kits.   Normally; Speed Carbs have a Red rectangular AC cover but also can have a Black rectangular AC cover depending on what factory makes it. 

All Gru-Bee supplied carbs have an O ring inside the connection port to seal off the intake tube.    Competitors brand do not have these o rings.  

FYI:  Smaller 48cc engines must use 14.5 mm dia. barrel slide valve carbs. to avoid being over fueled and run poorly on acceleration..   Normally 48cc carbs are identified by a Black round air cleaner cap with 4 holes and marketed as NT.