TZ Brand HO Red wire CDI module

Grubee Inc


TZ brand HO (High Output) CDI...RED WIRE High Performance:   

  • TZ CDI beats the LIGHTING high priced CDI module.

  • Compare to others selling for 30% more money for the same thing.

  • Our TZ CDI comes with a red soft wire cap that fits plugs with the screw on cap removed.

  • Dyno test prove TZ Red Wire CDI and TZ rotor gives a slight gain in horsepower over the famous high priced Lightening box and coil.    However, you must use a TZ rotor with TZ CDI together for correct engine timing.  Must run as a match pair in concert!  

  • TZ rotor magnets have 12% more magnetism flux density than the SD brand.   Meaning more power


  • Our TZ CDI's have Red plug wires to set them apart at first glance.  

  • You must understand Chinese engine factories careless about aftermarket service, caring only that the engine they are currently making starts and runs.. 

  • NOTE:  All 2018 model Gt5A-ES engines use TZ ROTORS and TZ Red wire CDI modules.   

  • NOTE:  All Gt5A-ES engines made prior to 2018 use SD CDI Black wire and SD rotors.  If you have this early engine do not use this TZ CDI

  • TZ CDI have no markings on the underside. 

  • SD CDI will have either a BT or YD marking. 

  • See all details on the info. side of our web site.  Click SkyHawk 2 cycle then click #7.