Whopper Stopper Chopper

Grubee Inc


Zero price means Not for sale on line:  

We have 3 of these special made Whopper Stopper Chopper bikes with StarFire 70cc Gt5-0SR SuperRat engines installed.   These bikes were designed and made specifically for our 2 stroke bicycle engines.  

Note:  Engine is not off set to the left as would be needed if using a commercial store bought big tire chopper bike.   These are the over runs of 200 choppers we made for a Peru customer years ago.  2.25 x 26 tires front and back. 

This year we brought the last 3 of these bikes to the States for Show and Go.   No more will ever be made.   Sure to be a collector's item.  

We will sell 2 of these 3 bikes this year but want to keep one as our sales demo sample and mascot.  If interested you must come to Durant OK to cash purchase and pick up.  $1200 cash each.   No shipping: /   Pick up only.

We cannot and will not sell via this web site as shipping would be a time consuming wooden create build and a costly nightmare.

DO NOT attempt to purchase on line as someone has foolishly already tried to do that creating an immediate cancellation.   Write for more information but please serious inquires only.