WoodPecker Expansion Chamber exhaust.

Grubee Inc


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  Woodpecker makes a cute Expansion Chamber Exhaust a little smaller than the original YuanDong Big Boy version.   

Measures 11 inches from flange to tip.   Nothing inside so she's a loud puppy. 

Welds are Mig welded; not by acetylene torch so they look a little better than YD's.  

Will it fit all China 2 stroke bicycle engines?   YES.                                                       Will it fit all bikes?   NO.   

Don't have any pictures with this muffler on a motorized bike so check around before you by.   Buy one and tell me if it works OK and gives any mid range noticeable power increase.   Send me a picture if it works OK or return for refund if don't work.    We don't want to sell junk but who knows this might be>?