_______10G Multi Speed Shift Kit _______ Includes 4G-1B transmission

Grubee Inc


GruBee 10G Multi Speed kit includes a 1B 20T/100T transmission made for the 53cc or 49cc integral centrifugal clutch engine.: 

No engine or bike frame is included with this kit.  Purchase those two items separately.

Double U joint Jackshaft right side drive so you can shift your motorized bike like a motorcycle!  

  • Best used with a Multi-Speed Hub Axle.

10G was designed for a SkyHawk built in tank frame to enable having a 3 point lock engine bracket securement.  However a standard cruiser frame will work almost as good but not recommended. 

Cannot be used on a Straight Downtube Frame Bike due to inadequate clearance for the jackshaft at the  backside of engine: 


  • 4G 1B 20T/100T Transmission with 8 mt. holes.  

  • 10G Kit with Double Universal Joint jackshaft 9T drive.

  •  Includes the new upgraded heavy duty double U joint.  More better! 

  • 3 Pt. attach Engine Bracket made to fit our GT2A or a GTB bike frame.

  • All Bottom end right side parts except chain and pedals are included;    


  • 10G Multi Speed allows you to use a bicycle's rear wheel gears either with a common Shimano detailer multi sprocket cassette or with a Strumey Archer or Shimano Nexus 3 or 5 speed Multi Speed Hub Axle .   

  • BEST:  Use a Multi Speed Sturmey Archer or Shimano Multi Speed Hub axle and shift gears like a motorcycle even while setting at a stop light.    

  •  GOOD:  Use a 6 or 7 speed Shimano derailer system and get the cheapest set up but can only shift gears when rolling.  

  • Installation does require basic mechanical aptitude and basic shop tools along with possible field modifications and misc. small parts obtained locally.  ie; Chain and or pedals.

 Most everything special you need is included except a SkyHawk Gt2A or GT2B bike frame with built in gas tank and a HuaSheng 49cc or 53cc 4 stroke engine with integral built in 3 shoe centrifugal clutch!    

  • Our late model 4G 1B Transmissions now have 8 holes for a 10 degree tilt which is necessary to use the 10G jackshaft drive. 

  • A new and improved Needle Bearing Double U Joint Jackshaft drive with needle bearings is now included. 

  • 10G Multi Speed kit is Custom Designed to fit either our Skyhawk Gt2A or GT2B built in gas tank frames  advantage = 3 pt. lock.

  • Not recommended for a standard bicycle frame.  By using a Pedestal Mount frame you get a 3 pt. lock attachment which better controls engine torque and vibration.   ( Long life enhancement )

  • If you have an early Gt2A frame with a big bottom hole then you will need to use the included WP-CK conversion kit.   GT2B frames have a small bottom hole for a 3 piece pedal crank system. 

  • 10G works well with either a 3 or 5 speed Nexus or Shimano rear wheel hub transmission or can also use a 6 multi speed Shimano Derailer system.  A heavy duty e-Bike 5 speed hub axle which works best.   

  • The builder or end user must accept all product liability as you are the prime contractor and vehicle manufacture even if done in your own back yard.   

  • Inspiration and imagination combined with fortitude and ambition must come from you. 

  • Look carefully to know what is NOT included: 

  • NOT INCLUDED;   Gt2A / Gt2B Frame or Bicycle:  

  • NOT INCLUDED:   Bicycle chain and left and right pedals.  

  • NOT INCLUDED:   HuaSheng 142F-1G / 144F-1G engine with centrifugal clutch:  

  • =================================================

The beautiful Blue bike with the long poo poo pipe shown in attached pics was built by our good friend Mr. Dave Harber in TN..    Shown for illustration only.  

  • Here's Contact info. for JIMCO.  an authorized Huasheng engine dealer in Raymore MO.  ph # 816 331 4738. / 816 868 0288.  

  • We prefer you buy your engine from an authorized HS dealer who can better give after sale parts and service.. 

  • We hope to have Gt2A frames in stock later on next year or as soon as our capital venture will allow.    

  • Use 135mm frame drop out for tires 1.95 to 2.125 tires.   

  • Use 170mm frame drop out for 4" fat tire applications,..  

  • Happy Trails >  enjoy your DIY 10G build and ride with the wind!