COMING SOON! CVT transmission for Harbor Freight 79cc 4 stroke.

Grubee Inc


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COMING SOON!  New CVT Transmission! 

Single speed transmissions are now obsolete!

79cc Engine CVT Transmission and engine bracket arrival in 30 to 45 days. 

We have modified a CVT transmission to fit Harbor Freight's 79cc 4 cycle engines with 5/8" diameter PTO shaft and also fit on a 26" Cruiser Bicycle and line up with the rear wheel sprocket.   

Transmission Latch speed is 2000 to 2200 engine RPM.   

Advantage of a CVT Tranny over direct T-Belt solid drive transmissions is Constant Variable Torque based on engine RPM. 

Low engine rpm allows a high torque, as engine speed increases the engine shaft drive CC pulley gets bigger and the driven pulley gets smaller, thus the final drive ratio allows faster bike speeds based on engine rpm yet gives low speed torque for better hill climbing.  Yep! The best of both worlds!

NOTE:  We do not advocate high speed motorized bikes so don't ask how fast a bike will go with our CVT transmission.    The fastest speed will be determined by several issues like; 10T or 12T transmission chain drive sprocket, the wt. of rider, wheel size, road terrain, wheel sprocket size, engine modified to remove 3600 rpm governor = a lot of variables.   

3/4" shaft PTO CVT's do not fit 5/8" shaft engines and do not allow a drive sprocket to line up with the bike's rear wheel drive sprocket when the engine is mounted center of frame where it belongs.     OOHRAH! Now those 2 push backs have been fixed!   

INCLUDES Black Plastic belt guard held on by 4 screws. 

Heads up!  Does require the additional installation considerations:

1.   A wide pedal shaft kit to allow pedaling. -- Not Included, buy separately if you want to pedal.   

2.   Slide mount slotted engine mounting bracket. ---- Not Included, buy separately or make your own.  

3.   Gas tank and fuel line. ---------------------   Not included, buy separately.

4.   Handlebar twist throttle. ------------------    Not Included, buy separately.

5.   Muffler and header pipe --------------Not included, buy separately.