HuaSheng 144F-1G 53cc 4 stroke engine only.

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 This last engine is reserved by Mauro Casarez in Tularosa NM.   Do NOT buy if you are not him!

Genuine Huasheng 4 cycle 53cc Engine 

  • 144F-1G Genuine Huasheng 53cc High Rev OHV 1.4KW HuaSheng 4 cycle engine with integral centrifugal clutch. 

  • Please know that fake look alike engines have no factory markings, and no EPA stickers plus internal parts are inferior to the original HuaSheng brand components.

  • NOTE:  Engine installation kit sold separately.   Not included with this engine.

  • Salient features of this 4-cycle HuaSheng engine kit.

  • 53cc displacement gives more torque and rpm than a basic 49cc.    

  • These 53cc HS engines have the No RPM limitation ignition system.

  • This Non-Governed engine uses the round barrel type TC ignition module.

  • Engine comes alive when you twist the throttle!   Red Line 6800RPM    It's best to install a handlebar tachometer so your engine does not get over revved.  

  • Muffler has a right-side exhaust elbow.

  • Same exact Mounting pattern as the 49cc HuaSheng F142-1G CC engine.

  • Base mounting hole pattern is for M6 bolts and 54mm x 112mm spacing.

  • PTO M6 bolt mounting pattern is 100mm dia. about shaft centerline 

  • 144F-1G 53cc leaves Governed 49cc engines in the dust!

  • Kill switch wires have male / female plugs with pig tail wires for easy hook up to your throttle kill switch wires.  

  • EPA certified 40CFR1054

  • Has built-in 3 shoe centrifugal clutch has 2900 to 3100 rpm Bell latch speed.   

  • Our 4G Transmission is not included due to having 2 different sizes.  Order 1A or 1B transmission separately. 

  • Feel free to ask questions before buying.  

  • Not returnable once box is opened or installed.    So read carefully before ordering.   

  • We have only 1 of these great 53cc engines left in stock.  First come first serve. We ship by insured UPS.

  • These engines have a HuaSheng factory warranty of 90 days but must be sent to an HS authorized warranty station for any warranty repair which we are not.  However, the installation kit and 4G transmission is made by us so is warranted by us. 

  • NOTE: Our 4G Transmisson is not included due to being offered in 2 sizes.   Order 4G-1A or 4G-1B separately.