3/8" dovetail base for Winchester Expert bolt action 22. rifle FREE SHIPING

Win XPERT 22 rifle 4 screw scope ring base;   Ideal for our WolfPup 3/4" scopes. 


3/8" Dovetail grooved base 6" long mounts scope where it needs to be.

Slide adjustment allows use of both 3" and 4" eye relief scopes.    

FYI:  In addition, this base also fits the Late model T-Bolt Browning 22 with a 4-screw receiver and with the late 10/22 rotary magazine. 

3/8" dovetail groove 6" long 4-hole base.

4 Torx hd. 6-48 screws hold the aluminum base on Winchester's new .22 rimfire bolt action rifle called the "Xpert" 

A long 3/8" dovetail base that exactly fits the curvature of the XPERT rife receiver allows adjusting your scope position for better eye relief.  Something Winchester forgot about when they just drilled and tapped 4 holes to fit a pair of 7/8" Weaver #15 - bases. 

#1. Rule of thumb to remember:  If your scope has a 3-inch eye relief then the rear most scope ring should be positioned directly over the trigger.  Like in the picture shown here-in.  Conversely if the scope ring is 1" or more forward of the trigger than a 4" eye relief is considered OK.    

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