WP-3AO > PCH reticle - WolfPup 4X AO and Fast Focus 3/4" tube

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It's here now!!!  WolfPup with AO & FF  

WP-3AO  PCH Post reticle.   

 The only 3/4" tube small scope with AO and fast focus made for rimfire rifles. 

  •  AO means "Adjustable Objective"       

  •  FF means "Fast Focus"   

  •  AO & FF Allows iron sight accuracy to be replaced with a new level of performance when the target is more clearly visible and magnified without parallax for both short and long-distance shots.    

The new "WolfPup AO" has Form, Fit and Function that's at home on the new "Winchester Xpert 22" provided you use our 3/8" dovetail base sold here-in.  

WolfPups work great on "Ruger American 22's or the Ruger 10/22.  The classic Win 61 and Marlin 39 wear the WolfPups with loyal distinction.  

Experienced hunters and shooters know that 22 Rimfire rifles shoot best with AO and Fast Focus. 

Dial in with AO and clearly see a bull frog setting up close at the water's edge 10yds. way or a squirrel's head out at 50 yds peaking around a tree trunk.   

 Standard scopes without AO or Side Focus parallax adjustment do not give you crystal clear focus to achieve the required accuracy you want up close where 22's are most used.   FYI:  4X Scopes made for centerfire rifles have 100 yd parallax settings as their standard and are not really suitable for 22LR rifle standard use.

Yep! We have an Industry First!  This is the only 3/4" tube small riflescope with AO and Fast Focus on the market that we know of and made exclusively for 22 rimfire!    It still retains the features of the original baby Red. 

WOLFPUP AO Scope specs. 

  • 4X fixed power ¾” Dia. Tube.

  • Fast Focus eyepiece.   

  • Green tinted fully Multi Coated Lens.

  • AO = Parallax Adjustable Objective, 10yds to infinity.   No more blurred focus and parallax at close range. 

  • 3” eye relief. MOA ¼” @ 50yds clicks.

  • Beautiful High Gloss Black like the original "Baby Redfield".

  • O-Ring and Nitrogen gas filled for fog and water resistance.

  • Overall scope length = 9-1/4”

  • weight 7 oz..

  • Don't Forget the Rings!   

  • WP-AH High RINGS are INCLUDED.   

  • If you have old 3/4" Redfield rings they will fit OK on our WolfPup but on some rifles they are too low and you may need our high rings or our Picatinny Weaver rings or our 11mm European flat top rings.  Yes sir, we also have low rings, but some rifles have rear sights that need high rings to clear the scope objective bell! 

  • Check out our 3/4" ring selection.

  • If you have questions as to what rings to choose for any given rifle, please write and ask ole' Don before you order.   Ole' Don now at 81 years old has shot multitudes of rimfire 22's since he was 5 years old hence may be able to answer most of your questions. 

  • Sorry, Due to US Dept of Commerce ruling we cannot ship riflescopes to Canada.   

  • Testimonials

  • From: Michael Sexton <ironmike736@yahoo.com>Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2023 2:58 PMTo: don grubeeinc.com <don@grubeeinc.com>Subject: Gru-Bee WolfPup 4x-AO RimFire Scope

      Checking the scope on our in-shop collimator I found the scope's E & W travel has approximately 48 minutes left and right and the same for up & down elevation. The scope positively repeats movement with windage and elevation and stayed zeroed throughout adjustment of the objective collar yardage graduations.  

    Mike Sexton   dba:   Iron Sight Scope Rebuilder   Tulsa, OK.